Hi, this article we created to guide you how to make payment for join with our Premium MEMBER.
First you need to register our Premium MEMBER on this sites, with order form from this page:

Registration For Premium Membership

Choose your package, and do the transfer payment through your paypal account like this:

  • Login to your paypal account


  • Choose “Send Money” menu or you can access it with choosing tab “Tools > Send Money”


  • Choose option “Send Money to Family and Friend” to avoid from lot of paypal fee.


  • If your country not supported with “Send Money to Family and Friend” service, go ahead with “pay for goods services” but please add another $2 for handling fee from regular package price.
    Example: your order plan price is $50, so you need to pay $52 if you are using “pay for goods services”!

  • Put our paypal email on there


  • Put the money value based from your Premium MEMBER package