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Some Information About Gout

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Gout Is a true crystal deposit   disease(monosodiom urate crystals).it may present as acute arthritis,bursitis,tenosynovitis,cellulitis or tophaceous deposit .

Prolonged hyperuricemias necessary but alone is not enough to develop gout

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Types of gout

Primary  gout

Secondary  gout


1/3 of body uric acid pool is derrived from diet    2/3 of body uric acid pool is from endogenous purine metabolism.

Elemination of uric acid by the kidney (2/3) and gut (1/3)

Xanthine oxidase enzyme catalyses the end conversation of hypoxanthine to xanthine and to uric acid

Risk factorsgout

1- hyperuricemia


3-high alcohol intake


5- IHD

6-inhereted alteration of tissue factors

Clinical features

1-acute gouty arthritis




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