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BRS Gross Anatomy PDF 9th Edition Download 2019


  • More than 550 USMLE-style questions (many new to this edition) with answers and rationales are available both electronically and in print to facilitate the gross anatomy review.
  • Pages: 558

  • Series: Board Review Series

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  • Students BRS Gross Anatomy 9th Edition PDF reviews : Five Stars

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This great, easy-to-use study source offers the essentials of human anatomy in the common Board Review Series outline format. It includes short descriptions, clinical associations, radiographs, full-color pictures, and tables. it Considered the best study textbook for gross anatomy by medical trainee reviewers, this updated and the streamlined ninth edition includes more than 550 board-style questions with comprehensive solutions and explanations, organized into chapter review tests and an end-of-book full exam, to help students crucial chief information.

Features of the BRS Gross Anatomy 9th Edition PDF:

  • Renewed clinical correlations demonstrate relationships between anatomical principles and clinical medicine.
  • Many medical images help learners develop a better knowledge of anatomy and clinical medicine.
  • Greater than 550 USMLE-style questions (many new to this edition) with answers and explanations are available both electronically and in print to facilitate the review.
  • An updated design program with more than 200 color diagrams helps students master difficult concepts and complex anatomical structures.
  • High-yield final reviews at the end of all chapters provide targeted education for the board and anatomy course examinations.

Table of Content:

1 Introduction 1
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Skeletal System 1

I Bones 1

II Joints 2

Muscular System 4

I Muscle 4

II Structures Associated With Skeletal Muscles 5

Nervous System 5

I Nervous System 5

II Neurons 6

III Central Nervous System 7

IV Peripheral Nervous System 7

V Autonomic Nervous System 9

Circulatory System 11

I Vascular System 11

II Lymphatic System 12

Organ Systems 13

I Digestive System 13

II Respiratory System 14

III Urinary System 14

IV Reproductive System 14

V Endocrine System 15

VI Integumentary System 15

High-Yield Topics 15

Review Test 18


2 Back 22
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Vertebral Column 22

I General Characteristics 22

II Typical Vertebra 24

III Intervertebral Disks 26

IV Regional Characteristics of Vertebrae 27

V Ligaments of the Vertebral Column 29

VI Vertebral Venous System 30

Structures of the Back 31

I Superficial Back 31

II Structures of the Deep Back 33

III Suboccipital Region 34

Spinal Cord and Associated Structures 36

I Spinal Cord 36

II Spinal Nerves 37

III Meninges 38

IV Structures Associated With the Spinal Cord 40

V Dermatome, Myotome, and Sclerotome 41

VI Development of Back Structures 42

High-Yield Topics 42

Review Test 45


3 Thorax 52
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Thoracic Wall 52

I Skeleton of the Thorax 52

II Articulations of the Thorax 54

III Breasts and Mammary Glands 55

IV Muscles of the Thoracic Wall 55

V Nerves and Blood Vessels of the Thoracic Wall 55

VI Lymphatic Drainage of the Thorax 56

VII Thymus 56

VIII Diaphragm and Its Openings 57

Mediastinum, Pleura, and Organs of Respiration 57

I Mediastinum 57

II Trachea and Bronchi 58

III Pleurae and Pleural Cavities 59

IV Lungs 62

V Respiration 64

VI Lymphatic Vessels of the Lung 65

VII Blood Vessels of the Lung 65

VIII Nerve Supply to the Lung 67

IX Development of the Respiratory System 68

Pericardium and Heart 69

I Pericardium 69

II Heart 70

III Great Vessels 79

IV Development of the Heart 80

V Development of the Arterial System 83

VI Development of the Venous System 84

VII Fetal Circulation 84

Structures in the posterior Mediastinum 85

I Esophagus 85

II Blood Vessels and Lymphatic Vessels 86

III Autonomic Nervous System in the Thorax 89

High-Yield Topics 91

Review Test 97

4 Abdomen 109
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Anterior Abdominal Wall 109

I Abdomen 109

II Muscles of the Anterior Abdominal Wall 110

III Fasciae and Ligaments of the Anterior Abdominal Wall 110

IV Inguinal Region 112

V Spermatic Cord, Scrotum, and Testis 113

VI Inner Surface of the Anterior Abdominal Wall 114

VII Nerves of the Anterior Abdominal Wall 115

VIII Lymphatic Drainage of the Anterior Abdominal Wall 116

IX Blood Vessels of the Anterior Abdominal Wall 116

Peritoneum and Peritoneal Cavity 117

I Peritoneum 117

II Peritoneal Reflections 117

III Peritoneal Cavity 119

Gastrointestinal (GI) Viscera 120

I Esophagus (Abdominal Portion) 120

II Stomach 121

III Small Intestine 123

IV Large Intestine 124

V Accessory Organs of the Digestive System 126

VI Spleen 130

VII Development of Digestive System 131

VIII Celiac and Mesenteric Arteries 133

IX Hepatic Portal Venous System 137

Retroperitoneal Viscera, Diaphragm, and Posterior Abdominal Wall 140

I Kidney, Ureter, and Suprarenal Gland 140

II Development of Kidney, Urinary Bladder, and Suprarenal Gland 143

III Posterior Abdominal Blood Vessels and Lymphatics 144

IV Nerves of the Posterior Abdominal Wall 145

V The Diaphragm and Its Openings 148

VI Muscles of the Posterior Abdominal Wall 150

High-Yield Topics 150

Review Test 156

5 Perineum and Pelvis 170
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Perineal Region 170

I Perineum 170

II Urogenital Triangle 170

III Anal Triangle 174

IV External Genitalia and Associated Structures 175

V Nerve Supply of the Perineal Region 178

VI Blood Supply of the Perineal Region 180

Pelvis 181

I Bony Pelvis 181

II Joints of the Pelvis 184

III Pelvic Diaphragm 184

IV Ligaments or Folds and Pouches of the Pelvis 184

V Ureter and Urinary Bladder 186

VI Male Genital Organs 190

VII Female Genital Organs 194

VIII Rectum and Anal Canal 197

IX Blood Vessels of the Pelvis 199

X Nerve Supply to the Pelvis 202

XI Development of the Lower Gastrointestinal Tract and Urinary Organs 203

XII Development of the Reproductive System 205

High-Yield Topics 205

Review Test 211

6 Lower Limb 224
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Bones of the Lower Limb 224

I Hip (Coxal) Bone (Os Coxa) 224

II Bones of the Thigh and Leg 226

III Bones of the Ankle and Foot 228

Joints and Ligaments of the Lower Limb 230

I Hip (Coxal) Joint 230

II Knee Joint 232

III Tibiofibular Joints 236

IV Ankle (Talocrural) Joint 236

V Tarsal Joints 237

Cutaneous Nerves, Superficial Veins, and Lymphatics 238

I Cutaneous Nerves of the Lower Limb 238

II Superficial Veins of the Lower Limb 240

III Lymphatics of the Lower Limb 240

Muscles of the Lower Limb 241

I Muscles of the Gluteal Region 241

II Posterior Muscles of the Thigh 242

III Muscles of the Anterior and Medial Thigh 243

IV Anterior and Lateral Muscles of the Leg 245

V Posterior Muscles of the Leg 246

VI Muscles of tire Foot 247

Nerves of the Lower Limb 250

I Branches of the Lumbar and Sacral Plexuses 250

Blood Vessels of the Lower Limb 254

I Arteries of the Lower Limb 254

II Deep Veins of the Lower Limb 258

III Development of the Lower Limb 259

High-Yield Topics 259

Summary 263

Review Test 265

7 Upper Limb 280
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Bones and Joints of the Upper Limb 280

I Bones of the Shoulder Girdle 280

II Bones of the Arm and Forearm 282

III Bones of the Hand 285

IV Joints and Ligaments of the Upper Limb 286

Cutaneous Nerves, Superficial Veins, and Lymphatics 288

I Cutaneous Nerves of the Upper Limb 288

II Superficial Veins of the Upper Limb 290

III Superficial Lymphatics of the Upper Limb 291

Axilla and Breast 291

I Fasciae of the Axilla and Pectoral Regions 291

II Axilla (Armpit) 292

III Breast and Mammary Gland 295

Muscles of the Upper Limb 298

I Muscles of the Pectoral Region and Axilla 298

II Muscles of the Shoulder Region 299

III Muscles of the Arm and Forearm 301

IV Muscles of the Hand 303

Nerves of the Upper Limb 308

I Brachial Plexus 308

II Nerves of the Arm, Forearm, and Hand 311

III Functional Components of the Peripheral Upper Limb Nerves 314

Blood Vessels of the Upper Limb 315

I Branches of the Subclavian Artery 315

II Axillary Artery 315

III Brachial Artery 316

IV Radial Artery 317

V Ulnar Artery 318

VI Veins of the Upper Limb 319

VII Development of the Limbs 320

High-Yield Topics 321

Summary 323

Review Test 327

8 Head And Neck 345
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Structures of the Neck 345

I Major Divisions and Bones 345

II Muscles 347

III Nerves 348

IV Blood Vessels 350

V Lymphatics 356

Deep Neck and Prevertebral Region 357

I Deep Structures of the Neck 357

II Deep Cervical Fasciae 360

III Prevertebral or Deep Neck Muscles 362

IV Development of Thyroid and Parathyroid Gland 362

Face and Scalp 363

I Muscles of Facial Expression 363

II Nerve Supply to the Face and Scalp 364

III Blood Vessels of the Face and Scalp 366

IV Scalp 368

Temporal and Infratemporal Fossae 369

I Introduction 369

II Muscles of Mastication 371

III Nerves of the Infratemporal Region 372

IV Blood Vessels of the Infratemporal Region 373

V Parotid Gland 375

VI Joints and Ligaments of the Infratemporal Region 376

Skull and Cranial Cavity 377

I Skull 377

II Bones of the Cranium 377

III Sutures of the Skull 378

IV Foramina in the Skull 379

V Structures in the Cranial Fossae 382

VI Meninges of the Brain 383

VII Cranial Venous Channels 385

VIII Blood Supply of the Brain 386

IX Nerves of the Head and Neck 388

X Development of the Skull 388

Orbit 389

I Bony Orbit 389

II Nerves 391

III Blood Vessels 393

IV Muscles of Eye Movement 395

V Lacrimal Apparatus 397

VI Eyeball 398

VII Development of the Eye 401

Oral Cavity and Palate 401

I Oral Cavity 401

II Palate 402

III Tongue 404

IV Teeth and Gums or Gingivae 405

V Salivary Glands 407

VI Development of The Palate 408

VII Development of the Tongue 408

VIII Development of Teeth 408

IX Development of Salivary Glands 409

Pharynx and Tonsils 409

I Pharynx 409

II Subdivisions of the Pharynx 409

III Innervation and Blood Supply of the Pharynx 410

IV Muscles of the Pharynx 411

V Swallowing (Deglutition) 412

VI Tonsils 412

VII Fascia and Space of the Pharynx 413

VIII Pharyngeal (Branchial) Apparatus 414

Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses 415

I Nasal Cavity 415

II Subdivisions and Mucous Membranes 417

III Blood Supply to the Nasal Cavity 417

IV Nerve Supply to the Nasal Cavity 418

V Paranasal Sinuses 418

VI Development of the Nasal Cavity 419

Pterygopalatine Fossa 420

I Boundaries and Openings 420

II Contents 420

Larynx 422

I Introduction 422

II Cartilages 422

III Ligaments of the Larynx 423

IV Cavities and Folds 424

V Muscles 425

VI Innervation 426

VII Development of the Larynx 427

Ear 427

I External Ear 427

II Middle Ear 429

III Inner Ear 432

IV Hearing and Equilibrium 433

V Development of the Ear 433

High-Yield Topics 434

Review Test 446

9 Cranial And Autonomic Nerves 463
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I Cranial Nerves 463

II Autonomic Nerves of the Head 476

High-Yield Topics 480

Review Test 483

Comprehensive Examination 489

Index 510

Medical Students Review For BRS Gross Anatomy 9th Edition ebook:

1- It is not only a great book to use for step 1, but a great resource for studying for anatomy class!!

3- Really detailed book. Great for medical school or dental school! It provides great test questions at the end of the chapters. Would recommend this to any student who is going into the medical or dental field.

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