Medmastery Mechanical Ventilation
Essentials Course

In this course we'll teach you everything you need to know about mechanical ventilation during your first night in the ICU.

How to make initial adjustments in a newly intubated patient
How to fine-tune the ventilator settings to manage patients with restrictive or obstructive respiratory disease
and How to get your patient ready for extubation.

We'll take you from respiratory rookie to rockstar!

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Mechanical Ventilation Essentials Course Videos Content


CHAPTER 1 [14 videos]

How to survive your first night on call

CHAPTER 2 [15 videos]

Mechanical ventilation of patients with obstructive airway disease

CHAPTER 3 [12 videos]

Mechanical ventilation of patients with restrictive airway disease

CHAPTER 4 [11 videos]

Assessing for extubation

CHAPTER 5 [14 videos]

Managing patients with special considerations

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Registered respiratory therapist and respiratory care practitioner, Clinical Education Manager at Philips.


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Student Reviews and Testimonials

The mechanical ventilation course was awesome.
Great Communication With Admin
Dr Mohmad H Tantary
I really enjoy the Mechanical Ventilation videos Josh Cosa is the best!
Super Fast delivery
Mildred Echevarria
Overall its very helpful information and I like that the instructor speaks very clear because English is not my first language. Thank you.
Great,fast and reliable Website
Dr yahya ibrahim
Excellent and fun way to learn the Mechanical Ventilation I am really enjoying this course And I recommend this website.
Dr Patricia Gerritsen
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