Sketchy Internal Medicine 2019 Videos

SketchyIM includes 100+ videos covering high-yield topics for the wards, NBME Medicine Subject Examination, and USMLE Step 2. Featuring Cardiology, Pulmonology, Infectious Disease and more! Diagnose some chest pain at the jousting arena, and join Shock Force on their mission to restore the hemodynamic balance of the universe… yes it's that epic.

For wards, NBME Shelf, and USMLE Step 2

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Sketchy Internal Medicine 2019 Videos

 What You Will Get

Cardiology [27 videos]
ECG [4 videos]
Endocrinology  [8 videos]
Fluids, Electrolytes, & Acid-Base [2 videos]
Gastroenterology [30 videos]
Hematology [4 videos]
Oncology [5 videos]
Infectious Disease [7 videos]
Nephrology [4 videos]
Pulmonology [20 videos]
Rheumatology [ 1 video]

We will get 112 Videos downloaded from the original website 

They are  in HD Quality.

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We Will Send You Direct Google Drive link To All Videos After Payment.

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