How I Scored a 265 on USMLE Step 1-Third Year Med Student

How I Scored a 265 on the USMLE Step 1 In Third Year Med School

IMG USMLE  Step 1 Experience 

Step 1 Score: 265

I Graduated from JSMU, YOG: Dec’17.

Preparation time: 21 Months

Uworld first pass, random: 83.7%

After wrong: 86%

I started my preparation in 3rd year, but I did not give much time to it due to extracurricular activities. I could not even finish Kaplan physiology in 2 months of vacations. Like this, I spent my whole two years and graduated. The real deal started on January 8th, 2018. It took me eight months to complete my FA and another nine months to complete my Uworld. Yes, I am a slow reader. Step 1 has a lot of NBMEs. It took me almost three months to complete these assessments after Uworld, and then took my exam on October 9th, 2019.

Resources that I used during step 1 prep:

– I used Goljan (just general part), Kaplan (notes and lectures), 100 cases of ethicsUworld Biostates review, Board and Beyond just for extremely selected topics, High yield anatomy (just for upper and lower limbs), pathoma, and of course FA and Uworld. And above all, GOOGLE.

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– Goljan was useful to me. It cleared many concepts of mine. Could not do all systems from it because it required much time which I could not afford.

– I did Kaplan and FA side by side, and also noted down points on FA which I felt were important. Kaplan is way more useful if you are weak in basics.

– I did the same with Pathoma.

– Then I Started my Uworld in September 2018. Initially, 

my scores were low, but it got better with time. I am a slow reader so did fewer questions a day and no. of question I did varied each day. Noted down Uworld points on my FA so that I can revise it for later.

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Step 1 Assessments :

I took assessments in the following order:

  • NBME 7 at 60% Uworld: 15 mistakes
  • NBME 11 at 80% Uworld: 19 mistakes
  • NBME 12 just after Uworld: 15 mistakes
  • UWSA 1: 269
  • NBME 15: 13 mistakes
  • NBME 20: 27 mistakes. It was hard.
  • NBME 23 (online): 246
  • NBME 17: 7 mistakes
  • NBME 19: 12 mistakes
  • NBME 22 (online): 263
  • NBME 21: 16 mistakes
  • NBME16: 8 mistakes
  • UWSA 2: 269; Free 120: 89%. I did these two together to get exam feeling, and it went pretty well.
  • NBME 24 (online): 263
  • NBME 18(online): 252

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I read NBMEs like the way we study uworld with FA. Moreover, that is the way I revised my FA after uworld. It took me 3 to 4 days each NBME with new ones taking a more extended time. That is how I ended up giving three months to assessments.

The Exam Day:

I reached the Prometric center at 8:00 am, and at 8:35, my exam started. I do not know how and why, but I was super chill, had zero anxiety and was calm the whole time unexpectedly. I had 4 hours of sleep. I took some chocolates and some biscuits with me; no energy drinks. I took 4-5 minutes breaks after each block & marked 3-7 questions each block.

I found the exam easier than uworld and NBMEs. Uworld and NBMEs prepare you for the worst-case scenario, which is rare. The overall exam is doable.

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Some suggestions from personal experience:

Every guy has a different approach, and each approach has its value. Whichever suits you pick that and stick to it. Nobody is a better tutor for you than you; you know yourself better. So whatever and whoever makes you understand and clears your concepts, go for it; it can be Kaplan notes and lectures, can be BnB etc. The main thing is to understand, now whoever does that, that does not matter a lot. Whatever you choose is right for you but after analyzing everything; not just blindly decide something and going for it. No! The things which suit you, which makes you understand go for those things.

If you forget things then congratulations, you are just as same as others. Because everyone forgets; it’s too volatile. It is entirely okay to forget. Don’t stress upon this or else you won’t be fully functional. Just see what you forgot, remember it again. If you forget again, do the same. Eventually, you will remember it and trust me this time you won’t forget for good.

Best of luck for all

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