Advice For USMLE Exam For Review Days

How To Review For USMLE Exam In The Last Days

During your review days for USMLE at the end,

  • Go back and reread your annotated copy.
  • Do questions! Each night after studying, answer at least 50 questions on what you studied that day. Towards the end of your studying, complete blocks of 50 random questions to better simulate the real exam.
  • Know the basic pharmacology chapter. The concept of epinephrine reversal will be on your Boards.
  • Study with a friend. You may or may not want to actually study out loud, but at the very least you should have someone you meet everyday and sit with to help get you through. Five weeks is a long time to sit in a room by yourself.
  • Sleep, eat, exercise, go out. Your life doesn’t need to stop because you are studying. If you get going before 10 am, you should be done by 8 pm with time to chill out.




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