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What is Usmle Rx?

USMLE-Rx is is a trademark and company that created top-quality Board style Rx USMLE questions, first aid express videos, and USMLE RX Flash Facts for Step 1 that are integrated with the First Aid books.

These study resources are designed to assist medical students to learn more and be ready for USMLE exam day and their ultimate profession also develop their basis of medical informations.

Tightly linked study tools allow studying more energetic for the USMLE and Intensely integrated with First Aid, designed to aid you to learn more information and Master the boards.

Many Students ask why USMLE-Rx created by the First Aid team Because when all your study tools are connected to each other, every single minute USMLE preparing students employ in studying becomes much more critical. With USMLE-Rx, learners now have study instruments planned to help them create formative assessments and watch the progress.

What Study Resources designed by USMLE RX?

Many products, in addition to  First Aid for the USMLE Step 1created to help students read, study, nail their course content and crush the medical boards. 

This worthy suite of learning products involves:

  1. Usmle Rx Qbank (Step 1 Qmax)
  2. First Aid Step 1 Flash Facts
  3. First Aid Step 1 Express Videos
  4. Step 2 CK Qmax

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2019,  Plus New Updates

Recently they designed USMLE-Rx 360 Step 1, and this package blends three study tools within one high, proven study mode.

USMLE-Rx 360 now is the best deal which combines comprehensive digital exam preparation products into the most potent board preparation package possible that entirely integrated with First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. From the earliest day of med school, USMLE-Rx 360 Step 1 will assist you to cover all your class content and ace the medical boards. This valuable package of products includes:

  • Step 1 Qmax (RX USMLE Qbank)
  • First Aid Step 1 Flash Facts
  • First Aid Step 1 Express Videos

Quick USMLE RX Products Discussion:

1- Step 1 Qmax (USMLE Rx Qbank)

The creators of First Aid formed this Qbank, and they have improved it over the previous 15 months. It provides over 2,300 high-yield Step 1 USMLE-style questions with study notes, diagrams, tables, and more extra. The most multi-level explanations of any USMLE Qbank on the market.

Always patient-focused, so you can recognise how the idea employs in the actual world and 70% of medical students who studied it said it was the best Qbank on the planet and Fully blended with First Aid.

2- First Aid Step 1 Flash Facts

this Step 1 USMLE Rx flashcard app thickens your data and Strengthens your weak regions.

Recently they increased it to over 14,000 facts. It also incorporates Study Stream, which is powered by a separated retrieval algorithm to aid you in studying more efficiently. Furthermore, Flash Facts is the only flashcard online study system that is entirely integrated with the First Aid bookYou can select your version of First Aid book, and your flashcards will update to match this edition.

Complete Uworld Qbank 2019 For USMLE Step 1

Why should you leave behind low-yield flashcards made by students who took the USMLE Exam before four years?

Because it was created by the contributors and USMLE masters, who founded First Aid for the USMLE Step 1.

So you must update to USMLE Rx Flash Facts, with them you can be 100% certain that you’re reading exactly everything you need to know in USMLE Step 1.

An amazing Feature in USMLE Rx flashcard system is that every single card displays the exact page in First Aid book.


  • More than 14,000 flash cards!
  • 3,500+ case-based flash cards
  • Study everywhere utilising the USMLE-Rx web and phone apps
  • Simply form cards based on your powers and defects
  • Replace the cards you see to match your edition of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
  • Made by First Aid Founders

3- First Aid Step 1 Express Videos

These Outstanding 80 hours of exclusive videos explain each point from First Aid, and these videos will assist you to understand this essential material so you’ll be confident in the classroom and on examination day. Over screen highlights, images, multimedia clips, and enriched with an editable colourful workbook, and actual learning puzzles help you form strong, lasting bonds with the First Aid.

Viewing Express Videos is like owning your own personal guide for each topic in First Aid—accessible any moment.

USMLE RX Videos concentrate on the “why” and the “how,” cutting complicated topics into understandable elements. 


  • Beyond 80 hours of videos that cover high-yield topics from First Aid for the USMLE Step 1.
  • Produced by medical students and USA residents who have Crushed their boards
  • Alliances across many topics form strong, lasting memory links to support you on exam day
  • 600+ pictures and multimedia clips intensify First Aid teacher explanations
  • First Aid workbook Books easily downloadable help you to strengthens the highest-yield points when used with the video course
  • Study anytime, everywhere, and view as many times as you desire
  • 100% pass guarantee!

Pathoma Videos, PDF Books, Study Note 2018

Now we will try to answer some questions asked by students who preparing for USMLE :

How many questions are in Usmle Rx Qbank?

It includes more than 2,300+ high yield USMLE Step 1 questions integrated with First Aid USMLE Step 1 with expanded descriptions guide you piece by piece during answering any question.

USMLE Rx Discount Codes 2019 Free

If you missed out hot sale deal and still need nearly 25% off on USMLE-RX, it is still possible to acquire coupons, here you are 2019 working discount codes available for you for the 6 months and 24 months subscriptions for step 1 RX USMLE Qbank.

Usmle Rx Qbank Discount Codes:

12 month Step 1 Qmax –> KCUMQM12

6 month Step 1 Qmax –> KCUMQM6M

12-month Step 1 QMax –>IAUQM12MOC

6-month Step 1 QMax –> IAUQM6MOC

USMLE-Rx 360 Discount Codes:

6-month Rx360: IAURX3606MOC

6-month RX 360 $199: IAURX6MAU

12-month RX 360 $259: IAURX12MA

12-month Rx 360: IAURX36012MOC

Real USMLE Rx Students Review:

” I like the way they have mixed FA, Flashcards and Qbank .” By Yaneisy Kindelán‎

“IT IS Quite Helpful, I Suggest IT Get FA CONCEPTS.” By Yanochka Byanochka‎‏

“I have only had the program recently, and it has already produced an improvement in my recognition of information. I have also experienced excellent customer assistance from the First Aid Team with quick replies and understanding. Keep up the fabulous work!” By ‏‎Alejandra Rodriguez‎‏ 


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