USMLE Step 1 Experience Score (245) By Dr. gagan aulakh

So finally its 249 guys
I won’t repeat the same things over and
over again(discussed in this group many times) ,and it will be very honest and non biased
I forget very easily so Idk the minor details.

In nutshell
1. NBMEs are super underpredictive, so don’t get discouraged.
2. Do UW nicely
At the end of day you should know the educational objectives of UW ques.
3. Final exam will be fully conceptual like uwsa
4. Exam day and your mentality is super important.

Somewhere in aug, 2018 Uwsa 1 – 251
Sep, 24 Nbme 17 – 234
Dec, 16 Uwsa 2 – 243
Dec, 30 Nbme 16 – 230
Jan, 13 Nbme 18 – 238
Jan, 18 Free 120 – 77 %
Jan, 21 – Final exam.

Why NBMEs underpredicts and UWSA predicts??

This is my very personal opinion. NBMEs will check how well you memorize FA. If you forget
just only one word the question in NBME will be wrong for sure.
UWSA will check the core concepts. You’ve to drive one thing from another and have to
integrate the concepts, and the question won’t be straight forward. The questions are
usually tilted in some way, exactly same will happen in final exam.

How the final exam will be? 

Don’t worry guys, most of questions you must have seen somewhere in UW. This is for sure.
The most stereotypical case would be presented to you, ex- 40 yr African American female
having some lung problem must be something with sarcoidosis, like this ( Uw will teach
everything about this)
You’ve to think over there,
Like if question stem is easy the options will be tilted in some way,
If options are easy then question stem will be tilted in some way. You just have to think over
there and apply the UW concept on that thing.
Heart sounds will be always on exam, like always, so do prepare for them. ( I wasn’t)

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