USMLE Step 1 Experience Score (245) By Dr. gagan aulakh

How to attempt a question ??

I got this in very end phase of my prep, like in last 15 days
This thing is important too,
As I told you, they will ask the same HY concepts in a different way, same stereotypical case
will be presented, so choose the simplest one, don’t over think , don’t think that how
USMLE people can ask this simple thing,
For example, if there is a male patient with some abdominal pain, and you’re thinking about
acute cholecystitis ,so just review it again, because the stereotypical case is fertile fatty forty
female with abdominal pain,
Another example, second newborn female having some obstruction in GIT, and you’re
thinking about pyloric stenosis then review it again man, because the stereotypical case is
first born male newborn usually presented with pyloric stenosis.
These things you will learn while doing UW.
These are just some examples to tell you guys, what I want to say,
Second thing is, you always have to choose the most appropriate option, always exclude
things, exclude the options,
Third is always look over all the options, I mean it always, even if you’re damn sure about
your choice, still do it,
And keep lab values always open, their monitor screen is too big, not like our laptops, so it
won’t compromise your question stem.
If you’re not sure about Heart sound question, do it in last, don’t waste your time over that,
I took 4 minutes, and I got short of time at last, and 2 questions I left unread.
Manage your time properly, in UWSA 2 I mismanage the time, lest 4 questions unread, same
happened in my final one, though it was because of heart sounds, but can’t blame them too.

Mistakes I’ve done
1-Took a lot of time for prep, delayed my exam
2-Did NBMEs with explanations, with lot of extra searching, googling and all, I recommend
this, but only if you’re able to revise before exam, I didn’t revise, so at last I forgot the
questions of NBMEs
3-Didn’t do the Heart sounds
4-Unable to manage the time during exam
5-Underestimated the UW a little bit